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Electrochemical Plant successfully adopts purifying gas centrifuges on the basis of OGC-200 technology

08.11.2017, 09:46

Electrochemical Plant (an enterprise of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company in Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region) has completed the pilot operation of purifying gas centrifuges on the basis of OGC-200 technology. After the successful trial operation of the new technology it has been decided to halt the last remaining unit of the diffusion equipment used for purifying of uranium hexafluoride (cleaning it from light impurities in interstage flows).
The pilot operation of OGC-200 units had been on the run from the beginning of 2017, and, by now, the new centrifuges have completely replaced the outdated diffusion installations.
OGC-200 is an item of new engineering design with higher performance. Cleaning of interstage flows with the use of gas-separation centrifuges has never been previously used at Russian uranium refining enterprises. 
Implementation of new purifying installations would increase separation capacity of centrifuges cascade and essentially lower electricity consumption. This would also save a certain amount of cooling water, liquid nitrogen and other resources.
Besides, uprise of the flows purification degree would have a positive impact on the operating resource of main equipment, maintaining its performance during the whole lifespan.
Introduction of OGC-200 directly affects self-cost of uranium production at Electrochemical Plant, as well as the time of the industrial process. The expected economic impact of OGC-200 implementation is estimated at about 90 mln rubles annually.