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Bochvar Institue upgrades fuel element model for one of RIAR research reactors

28.11.2017, 10:04

Engineers of Russian Research Institute of Inorganic Material (Bochvar Institute; a part of TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom) have developed a project of a fuel element with small-scale neutron poisoning for SM-3 research reactor, which is established at Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR) in Dimitrovgrad.
SM-3 is designed for experimental works at irradiation of reactor material samples under specified conditions, materials property investigation under irradiation, generating a wide range of radioactive nuclides.
RIAR experts estimate that new fuel elements construction would enable to advance reactor performance, in particular, decrease uranium consumption by 22% while maintaining the same reactor neutronics. The new solution would also boost production of transplutonium elements by a factor of 1.7 and cause a 21% growth of radionuclides generation.