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TVEL Fuel Company develops new steel type for nuclear and fusion reactors

31.07.2017, 12:00

Russian Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (Bochvar Institute), a subsidiary of TVEL Fuel Company, has developed hi-tech RUSFER-EK181 steel for the cores of nuclear and fusion reactors with liquid metal coolant and operating temperatures within 700 C.
The advantages of the new product are high-temperature strength, heat and radiation resistance, as well as low-activation. Application of this sort of steel would enable to significantly advance reactor neutronics due to the reduction of the so called parasitic losses of neutrons, and ensure cost cuts for nuclear waste management and disposal.
The results of the research provided for RUSFER-EK181 development are covered by two patent licenses, nine know-hows and over 40 refereed articles.
“In terms of performance attributes the new developed steel is very close to traditional martensite-ferrite steels with 12% chrome content, but it essentially outperforms main foreign low-activation martensite-ferrite steels with 8-9% chrome content”, commented one of the project developers Maria Leoniteva-Smirnova.