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Bochvar Institute presents installations for decontamination of radiation hazardous sites

29.11.2017, 09:57

Scientific and Engineering Council of Russian Research Institute of Inorganic Material (Bochvar Institute; a part of TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom) has reviewed new technologies and mobile installations for decontamination of radiation hazardous sites which are to be decommissioned. The presented solutions had been previously tested while decommissioning of nuclear legacy facilities at the site of the Institute.
The installation for air-free coating of localizing and deactivating polymer compounds enables to resurface large areas in order while curbing secondary pollution. In comparison with other methods such coating is distinguished by higher integrity. Besides, this method enables to provide distant resurfacing of sites.
Another technology presented to the Council was foam decontamination of equipment on surfaces with the use of special decontamination agents and foam generators. The equipment provides several modes of foam application, its destruction and efficient collection of the forming deactivation products.
A special consideration was given to the technology of surface ablation as a cutting-edge method for deactivation of concrete, paving tile and plasticate which curbs contamination down to background values.