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Fuel Company TVEL Project to Construct a New Conversion Facility

Fuel Company TVEL has launched a project to construct a new conversion facility on the production site of the Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (the city of Seversk, the Tomsk region), and it invites domestic and foreign companies to participate in this would-be-constructed installation designed to produce uranium hexafluoride (UF6) from uranium concentrates. The design of the production facility will employ new engineering solutions for uranium refining by extraction, production of uranium oxides, liquid UF6 condensation and its packaging.

Cooperation is proposed to companies featuring experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of nonstandard equipment for denitration and purification, condensation of gases and heat exchange, pressure vessels, and others. The immediate objective is to select contractors and award contracts to engineer and manufacture:

  • A system of equipment to produce uranium trioxide through uranyl nitrate thermal denitration including an installation to dispose nitric oxides and produce nitric acid;
  • - A system of equipment for uranium hexafluoride (UF6) condensation and its transfer in a liquid form into shipping casks; and
  • Other equipment and installations to be used as part of the new conversion facility.

The present proposal is not an offer.
For further information on equipment requirements and on submission of bids and presentations, please contact Project Coordinator Mr. Sergey I. Indyk via e-mail: indyk@tvel.ru or serg.indyk@gmail.com