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Full corporate name of the Company:

Joint-Stock Company “TVEL”.
Abbreviated corporate name of the Company:

“TVEL” Fuel Company was established in order to provide the best management structure of nuclear fuel cycle enterprises of Russian nuclear energy sector, improve effectiveness of their production and guarantee their competitiveness on global market. The Company is included into Fuel Division of “Rosatom” State Corporation and combines enterprises for nuclear fuel fabrication, uranium conversion and enrichment, manufacturing of gas centrifuges, as well as research and development and design organizations.
As its main activity “TVEL” FC is engaged in production and supply of nuclear fuel for power and research-and-development reactors. Fuel Company meets the needs of 74 power reactors in Russia and fifteen other countries in Europe and Asia, 30 research-and-development reactors in the world, as well as all transport reactors of Russian nuclear fleet. One in six power reactors in the world operates on fuel, produced by “TVEL” FC.
“TVEL” FC supplies Russian and world markets with a wide range of non-nuclear products: zirconium, lithium, calcium, magnets, thin-walled tubes, polishing powders, wire addition systems, zeolite catalysts, superconducting materials, etc.
In cooperation with own design-engineering and research-and-development departments, enterprises of “TVEL” FC effectively operate in hydrometallurgical, metal-processing, machine-building and rolling industries.

“TVEL” FC Mission:

Rendering of a high-demand services package in order to increase competitiveness of power, produced by nuclear power plants, by means of Russian strategy implementation in the field of enriched uranium product and nuclear fuel supplies to operating, under construction and would-be built nuclear power plants, designed by Russian experts, both in and outside the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as introduction of nuclear fuel for reactors type PWR, BWR into international market.

Strategic objective of “TVEL” FC:

By 2030 to conquer 30-32% of international market of products and services in the field of front end nuclear fuel cycle by means of manufacturing products with high consumer properties, which enable “TVEL” FC to maintain and expand its presence on the market of enriched uranium product and nuclear fuel.

Values of “TVEL” FC:

reliability, quality and safety of nuclear fuel, compliance with the highest international requirements and standards;
our customers and partners’ confidence in tomorrow through development of sustainable, foreseeable long-term relations;
self-improvement and self-fulfillment of employees in incorporated enterprises of dynamically developing and successful company.