Rosatom production system

ROSATOM PRODUCTION SYSTEM (RPS) is a culture of lean production and a system of continuous improvement of processes.
Rosatom production system (RPS) allows to improve the performance efficiency at each workplace through consistent exclusion of losses in production and management processes. RPS ensures a gradual improvement in efficiency of production processes, reduction of production costs and improving the quality of the production and administration activities. In addition, RPS is aimed at prevention of any loss: excessive inventories, inoperable backlogs, downtime, unnecessary relocations, etc.
The enterprises of Fuel company TVEL are recognized leaders in the deployment of RPS. The combined site of PJSC Kovrov Mechanical Plant and JSC VPO Tochmash is selected as a pilot platform for implementation of the federal program “Labour efficiency improvement and support to employment” to be the basis for further training of representatives of Russian enterprises to principles of lean production.
RPS principles make the employees be attentive to the customer requirements, resolve the issues at he site of emergence, prevent production of inadequate quality products, detect and eliminate any loss, be an example for the colleagues.
These principles have been elaborated on the basis of the best examples of national and overseas experience. Thanks to implementation of RPS that covers all nuclear industry enterprises in 2011, the companies of the industry have already achieved the significant results in the area of saving and minimization of warehouse stocks.