STATE CORPORATION ROSATOM IS A KEY PARTICIPANT IN DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL DIGITAL ECONOMY. Fuel Division TVEL, incorporated within its structure, plays a key role in development and implementation of digital technologies and products.

Interactive reports containing concisely presented data grouped by implication with elements of infographic (dashboards). The ultimate goal of the solution is to save time during data collection for reporting to support the achievement of analytical and creative objective of the management and leadership.

There have been elaborated over 100 dashboards for monitoring of key indicators, such as revenue, cost, productivity, profitability, etc. The users have primarily become the leaders of product lines and their deputies.

Elaboration of program robots for automation of algorithmic routine operations of employees (a virtual office employee that performs the actions following the instruction in different software and systems, search for information in Internet, e-mail operations, integration of information systems).

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) is a set of hardware and software for automation of expert work with documents (data verification, contextual analysis, correction of errors) with application of semantic analysis of the text and machine-learning technologies. Areas of application: Classification of documents based on the methods of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, allocation of information objects (nominated entities) in documents, verification of documents by means of customizable lexical templates and rules.

BIM-model is the digital information on the construction project to be the basis for decision-making at all stages of the lifecycle: Design development- Construction - Maintenance - Upgrading - Decommissioning. Areas of application: Capital construction directorate: summary digital information on the construction project that guarantees the quality of project documentation and allows to monitor the construction schedule. Input data for upgrading/refurbishment, Investor: a tool for assessment the reliability of construction budgets and schedules, earned value management and construction schedule control, Operation service: digital passport and visual representation of an operating facility.

A simulation model is a digital twin of production system, a tool of analysis and audit of production, that provides an opportunity for design development of new and effective production facilities and introduce continuous improvements to existing ones. Technical directorate: Analysis and optimization of resource utilization, feasibility study of production schedule in design development of a new or upgrading existing facility, identification and addressing the bottlenecks, analysis of energy efficiency, etc. For the investor this is a digitally substantiation compaction of production areas, minimization of losses for relocation of goods and people between the equipment. Economically viable investment into upgrading of production facilities with substantiated priority and guaranteed elimination of bottlenecks in the process chain. For the designer these are qualitative input data for the project.
Product line components

Product line of the Fuel Company consists of three business areas:

  • Support of corporate business processes:
    • Business intelligence boards (dashboards);
    • Intelligent data processing (artificial intelligence and machine-learning);
    • Program robots (robotics of user activities);
  • Support to production and technological processes:
    • Information modelling of civil construction projects (BIM);
    • Simulation modelling of production facilities (Digital twins);
    • Digitalised production;
  • IT-equipment production:
    • Network telecommunication equipment (access switches);
    • Servers;
    • Data storage systems.
An integrated information system that implements the conceptual approach/method of automated production system, which includes the technological preparation and management of products manufacturing with application of digital production twins, simulation of production processes and dynamic reflection in the digital models of product states and its technical characteristics during production processes. The ultimate goal is a complete integration of cyber and physical production system.

The product is at the stage of conceptualization. A prototype will be elaborated not earlier than 2023.

The essence of the project is to create a national profitable business for production of telecommunication hardware and software modules with priority of national software to cover the demand in both telecommunications market in the Russian Federation and branches of the corporate sector in cooperation with a world level technological partner.

The uniqueness of the project is that it is based, in contrast to numerous earlier attempts in production of telecommunication equipment, first and foremost, on the idea of development of authentic software with a high share of Russian added value. The hardware will correspond to the state-of-art scientific and technical level.

The implementation of this project will provide for JSC TVEL an opportunity to become a key supplier of equipment and solutions to build the import-independent industrial telecommunications networks in the Russian Federation.

The project is at the stage of corporate approval of the deal. The market prototypes will be available in 2020.

The development of TVEL digital products is based on internal reference and approbation. We offer the market only those products, which effectiveness is proven by operation in the Fuel Company. Research institutions, chemical and metallurgical, mechanical and electronics, reprocessing and refining facilities, capital construction and decommissioning capabilities: availability of a large number of production competences assures the representativeness of the solutions. The key trends selected in development of the Fuel Company digital products are import-independence and social responsibility, it ensures the application of TVEL experience and competences to the maximum extent.