The management of a complete nuclear facility lifecycle is a strategic objective to ensure the sustainable development of the atomic energy. The resolution of challenges in safe and effective decommissioning of nuclear and radiologically-hazardous facilities that have expired the designated lifetime is a priority and promising area in the activities of State Corporation Rosatom.

In 2019 Fuel Company TVEL was appointed by State Corporation Rosatom to be the Industry Integrator in the business area "Decommissioning and management of the associated radioactive waste." The Integrator for decommissioning of nuclear-hazardous facilities intensively performs the work for establishment of the industry-wide collaboration and centralized accumulation of the industry competences and references in the area of the nuclear decommissioning, including preparation of the facilities to decommissioning and management of the associated radioactive wastes. In addition, the special attention is paid to development of an integrated products offer to render a complete set of services from the development of decommissioning engineering documentation to dismantling of structures and post-decommissioning territory rehabilitation.

The purpose of the Integrator

is to unite and consolidate the industry experience and competences in order to maximize the portfolio of orders and revenues of State Corporation Rosatom at the global market of decommissioning and management of the associated radioactive waste.

The key objectives of TVEL in the area of decommissioning of nuclear and radiologically-hazardous facilities are as follows:

  • Ensuring of human and environmental safety;
  • Accumulation, centralization and consolidation of the competences of the nuclear industry companies in the area of the decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities;
  • Coordination of the activities in the area of the decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities;
  • Centralization and consolidation of State Corporation Rosatom competencies in the area of the decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities;
  • Development and promotion of the integrated products offer on the decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities to foreign markets;
  • Human resource development;
  • Alignment of the supply chain in the framework of the decommissioning activities at the national and foreign markets;
  • Achievement of the UN sustainable development goals.


“Development and prompt promotion to the market of the advanced technologies is a key goal in the strategy of the Fuel Company. The biggest bid in this strategy is made on the technological breakthrough. The development and application of the unique technologies, which nobody currently possesses over the globe, this shall be our competitive advantage. The Integrator is established to build up a high-margin business. I am quite positive, this goal meets the interests and strategy of our team, that has become to be an international one".

This is an extract from an interview of the Director of the program "Management of decommissioning of nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities" of Fuel Company TVEL.


The centers of competences for the decommissioning and development of the business for decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically hazardous facilities have been established at the Fuel Company subsidiaries in the purposes of elaboration of nuclear back-end technologies, engineering and direct performance of the projects:

  • AECC: testing of the technologies and implementation of the projects;
  • SCC: testing of the technologies and implementation of the projects;
  • CPTI: engineering, development of digital models;
  • Bochvar Institute: development of technological solutions.
  • NUKEM Technologies GmbH: engineering, equipment and technologies supply, projects implementation

Subordinated to the Fuel Company NUKEM Technologies GmbH, a German engineering company that possesses a wide range of competencies in the areas of design development, manufacturing and supply of equipment to meet the challenges of the nuclear decommissioning, integrated engineering and radiological survey and project management enables to successfully implement large-scale international projects in the field of nuclear facilities decommissioning, management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. The German company contributes to the adaptation of the industry competencies and technical solutions in line with the requirements and standards of the international market and its further promotion.

TVEL JSC is a basic organisation of the CIS countries for the management of nuclear fuel, radioactive waste and the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities. This decision was made by the Economic Council of the Commonwealth countries in June 2021.

Education programs

A number of master degree education programs have been initiated in the scope of the human resource development program in the area of nuclear decommissioning that envisage the training of both Russian and foreign students in the leading specialized universities:

Ongoing projects

During the implementation of the first Federal Target Program "Nuclear and Radiation Safety" from 2008 to 2015, the subsidiaries of TVEL, the Fuel Company of Rosatom, implemented 37 projects at seven sites: 57 facilities were decommissioned, another 13 were prepared to further decommissioning. Currently, the Integrator performs the projects in the framework of the second Federal Target Program "Ensuring of Nuclear and Radiation Safety in 2016 - 2020 and for the period up to 2030".

Whereby, the Integrator is intensively engages in the activities for entry into the international markets, as well as, considering the strategic significance of the area for State Corporation Rosatom, it extends the presence in the international working groups and projects of the leading international organizations, such as Nuclear Energy Agency of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (NEA OECD) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Today, the Integrator for decommissioning of nuclear and radiologically-hazardous facilities offers to a customer the integrated supply, renders the engineering and consulting services and provides the certified products and technologies for every phase of the decommissioning. The Integrator is interested in engagement of foreign customers, strategic partners, and open to scientific and technical cooperation. 

The Team

The employees of the Decommissioning Integrator possess the extensive experience in management of complex projects for decommissioning and rehabilitation of areas, and management of the radioactive waste accumulated in the course of the decommissioning.

The decommissioning of the first generation nuclear facilities, spent fuel management and resolution of the associated radiation safety issues are the objectives of strategic significance for the nuclear industry in order to achieve the UN sustainable development goals. It is not just a business for TVEL, it is the responsibility to the future generations.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Integrator establishes a favorable environment for efficient performance of the professionals possessing the world-class competencies. Each member of the close-knit team shares the values of State Corporation Rosatom and makes the contribution to the common cause.

Safe, effective and affordable approach to decommissioning is a key to successful development of nuclear energy in the long-term perspective.

Completed projects:

In 2010, the team of TVEL became the first in Russia in 2010, who completed the project for decommissioning of the nuclear installation “Chemical and Metallurgical Plant" in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The successful implementation of the project enabled to bring the site of the plant to the "green field" state and provided an opportunity for its re-use in the public interests.
In total, the reference projects portfolio of Fuel Company in decommissioning of the nuclear and radiologically-hazardous facilities accounted for 39 completed large industry projects in Russia. With many years of experience and technologies of the future in hands the team of TVEL makes the world better today.