MACHINE-BUILDING DIVISION OF FUEL COMPANY TVEL is provided with a large fleet of metalworking, galvanic, welding and other equipment of leading world manufacturers.
There commissioned the latest processing centers, CNC machines, equipment for water-jet, plasma and laser cutting, 5-axis machines for manufacturing of processing tools, spring-triggered equipment, etc. A wide range of equipment allows to perform all necessary range of works: preparatory, casting, machine-processing, welding, heat treatment, electric ceramic, heating equipment, galvanic coating, press-forging, rubber lining and lining, etc.
Availability of universal and modern CNC lathe machines allows to perform the works both in production of large batches of high complexity components and tailor-made works on production of individual design items.

There are machines with automatic rod feeding, counter-spindle, driven tools, longitudinal lathe machines.

Maximum processed element length: 5 m.
Maximum processed element diameter: 0.9 m.
Processing precision: 7-th accuracy degree (opportunity to produce elements of high accuracy).
The park of milling equipment includes universal machines and 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers with computerized control. This equipment enables production of the most complex configuration elements. Some machines are equipped with manipulators for automatic positioning/removal of processed elements. The software of leading world producers is used for elaboration of control programs. Autodesk Inventor, SolidCam, Pro/ENGINEER.

Axis of X/Y/Z - 1300/700/700 mm.
Spindle rotation frequency is 42000 rpm.
Processing precision: 7-th accuracy degree (opportunity to produce elements of high accuracy).
Grinding allows to achieve high quality, low roughness and high uniformity of the surface. The installed equipment allows to perform the following operations: flat polishing, round external and internal grinding, centerless lapping, precision grinding, profile grinding (CNC machines for fabrication of production tools).

Maximum dimensions of flat polishing is 1000/400/300 mm.
Processing precision: 5-th accuracy degree (opportunity to produce elements of high accuracy).