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JSC TVEL Successfully Continues the TVS-K qualification program

17.07.2017, 17:28

The second year of TVS-K operation in reactor core of Ringhals NPP Unit 3, Sweden, successfully finished in June 2017.
During the annual outage the plant operator performed thorough inspections of fuel that is currently in operation, including TVS-K. The inspections revealed that all the parameters for Russian fuel are within the design limits. The fuel assemblies have been loaded back into the reactor core for continued irradiation.
“We are satisfied with the results of the operation of Russian fuel in Sweden. All the fuel characteristics correspond with our expectations. A professional and constructive dialogue continues between JSC TVEL and Vattenfall. We interact openly and transparently and fulfill all the requirements and desires of our Swedish customer” says senior vice-president of JSC TVEL Oleg Grigoryev.
In June 2017 TVEL and Vattenfall agreed upon additional supply of 4 or 8 TVS-K Lead Fuel Assemblies (LFA) to be inserted 2019 in Ringhals NPP Unit 4. As a result the Swedish operator will get more data of Russian fuel irradiation and consequently will be able to increase its reference basis.
Today due to low market prices of electricity the fuel cost component plays an important role in optimization of the cost of electricity production for the NPPs. TVEL perceives the additional supply of LFAs as an indication of Vattenfall’s strong confidence in the high-level of technical competence of TVEL as a future competitive fuel supplier to Vattenfall.