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Brilliant simplicity and tremendous reliability: TVEL celebrates the 65th anniversary of gas centrifuge technology

12.07.2017, 18:51

"Brilliant simplicity and tremendous reliability: less than 0.1 percent of failure for 30 years of continuous operation at a rotor speed of more than 1,500 rpm." During a video bridge dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the creation of domestic gas-centrifuge technology, Alexei Likhachev, CEO of Rosatom State Corporation, characterized so briefly, but precisely the unique know-how of Russian scientists and nuclear engineers such as the gas centrifuge (GC). “There would be no mass nuclear energy without your labor, your initiative, creativity, knowledge, without the gas centrifuge you created,” stressed Head of the industry, welcoming the veterans and employees of the gas centrifuge and separation - sublimation complexes of TVEL Fuel Company.



On the eve of the anniversary scientists, designers and production workers (engineers, technologists, representatives of working specialties) whose efforts created the brightest diamond in The crown of Rosatom such as  gas centrifuge for uranium enrichment, gathered at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant, which is one of the enterprises of the TVEL Fuel Company. The ones who could not come to participate in the "round table" in the city of Kovrov (Vladimir region, Central Russia) took part in the discussion in the video-conference mode.

Among the speakers was Boris Tyutin, veteran of the Experimental Design Bureau of the Leningrad Kirov Plant, who has been working for more than 40 years in the field of development of GC technology; Gennady Skorynin, author of the book "100 years with isotopes" who also conducts an author's study of the evolution of the method and technical means of gas centrifugation of uranium and other chemical elements; Valery Khororukh, Chief of the 12th manufactury (production of GC) at the plant named after  V.A. Degtyarev;  Nikolai Travkin, a contributor to the development of all generations of the GC in Kovrov; Pyotr Pavlukhin, ex-chief of production of the GC Torchmash; Alexander Samorodsk, former chief designer of KMZ; Alexey Bezmaternykh, long-time head of the UECC KB; Sergei Solovyov, Director of the Department of TVEL for the implementation of the program "Development of new gas centrifuges".

The memories of veterans, presentations on the world and domestic history of the gas centrifuge method of uranium enrichment and the prospects for its development forced everyone to take a new look at the know-how of Russian scientists and designers, which allowed them to outrun their competitors for decades and secure Russia's exclusive status as a leader in the industrial separation of isotopes of Uranium.

The case, presented by Aleksandr Uzhanov, Director of the Information Policy and Communications Department of TVEL, showed that TVEL intends not only to preserve but also  to convey to the public the essence of the unsurpassed In the world of technological achievement of our country.

Memories of veterans of gas-centrifuge and sublimation-separation industries did not leave the participants of the video bridge indifferent. A columnist for “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” (“The Russian Newspaper”), author of “Solo on a Centrifuge”, Alexander Emelianenkov, suggested to perpetuate the memory of the creators of GC technology in books and pamphlets, including the legendary series "The Life of Remarkable People". Students of the secondary school No. 22 in Kovrov  took the initiative to assign to their school the name of the chief designer of the first gas centrifuge, the head of the design bureau of the Leningrad Kirov plant (later, Centrotech, successor to NPO Tsentrotekh), Hero of Socialist Labor Viktor Ivanovich Sergeev (20.01.1921-16.12.2008). The torch of the memory of the Carpet School was supported by pupils of Lyceum # 58 of Novouralsk of the Sverdlovsk Region, who voiced in the framework of the video bridge the proposal to assign to the Novouralsk lyceum the name of the prominent scientist, experimental physicist, supporter of I.V. Kurchatov, the Scientific Leader (since 1943) of the "separation of uranium isotopes "Laboratory number 2 of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Isaak Konstantinovich Kikoin (28.03.1908-28.12.1984).

In regard to the anniversary of the domestic GC technology, JSC TVEL has developed a historical and memorial program aimed at perpetuating the memory of its creators and promoting this technology to the general public in Russia and abroad. The key product - the gas centrifuge - is represented as the know-how of Russian scientists and designers, which allowed to get ahead of competitors and to reinforce an exclusive status of Russia as a leader in the industrial separation of uranium isotopes. Gas centrifuge technology remains to this day the most effective and perspective in the world.

In the list of memorial events of TVEL for 2017 is the installation of a memorial to the creators of the Russian gas-centrifuge technology in Novouralsk (September 2017), of commemorative plaques on the facades of administrative and industrial buildings involved in the development, production and operation of gas centrifuges in eight cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Kovrov, Zelenogorsk, Novouralsk, Angarsk, Seversk).

The historical and memorial program also includes other events. In particular, the second edition of Alexander Emelyanenko's book “Solo on a Centrifuge” and the preparation of a historical form and a collection of memories of the veterans of the GC complex.